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Chain Reaction 

The Chain Reaction project is a series of stories written in response to each other. A story is passed on to the next writer in the chain, and they respond to it with another story.

I took part in the first episode which involves 6 interconnected monologues. My piece was written by Bethany Sharp. The producer was Lydia Thomson. It was recorded at Red Apple Studios.


The following is a few extracts of my 9-minute piece.

Chain Reaction extracts -
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Cortical is an audio sensory experience, where an audience of one listens to this two-person play while interacting in the physical world of the characters. The play focuses on the romantic relationship between Lucy and Sam. 

This production took place in Theatre Delicatessen. It was written by Lydia Thomson and was directed by Ben Mills.


I first began working on this project in 2015 when I took part in the rehearsed reading at Theatre Delicatessen. The project is currently undergoing further development and will be performed again in 2018.

Cortical - Linen closet scene
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A Monk's Tale - Audio CD

A Monk's Tale was recorded as an Audio CD in addition to the theatre show and its UK tour. It was written and directed by BBC sitcom writer James Cary.

The following is a few extracts from the CD. In the scenes with two female voices I play the Good Knight and the teenager.

A Monk's Tale - Extracts
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